Last Stellar's Session and YOGA with Nina Greaves - Thursday May 25

Posted by Richmond Field Hockey Club on May 24 2017 at 09:44PM PDT


Tomorrow brings us to our last Stellar’s Jay (SJ) session with Nick and Poonam. We also have a special YOGA session run by Nina Greaves at 7pm for cool down (Group I) and warm up (Group II).

Nina is a certified Yoga Instructor & Pre/Post Natal Specialist and started her Yoga journey over 20 years ago due to a serious accident that almost left her with permanent life threatening injuries. Due to the power and strength of Yoga she was able to make a full recovery and has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years.

Nina taught Hatha yoga and variations at Fusion Fitness Studio in Steveston, Richmond and Steveston Community Centre, and Minoru Centre from 2002 – 2010. She is presently teaching Yoga in an all boys school at Vancouver College.

“Yoga” is a process rather than a goal. Nina’s philosophy is simple, yoga is for everyone with no judgement and it’s always important to listen and respect what your body is telling you. Yoga helps control and soothes emotions, removes anxiety through stretching and breathing, and increases mental focus and physical performance.

We encourage everyone to attend. PLEASE BRING A YOGA MAT

For more information on Nina and Yoga:

- If you have not received a SJ shirt, they will be available at the field tomorrow.
- Your coaches will be in touch with their teams to confirm if a second practice session will continue.
- Photos will be taken for future reference. Please advise your coaches if you do not wish for your photo to be taken

We hope you have enjoyed the STELLAR’S JAY SESSIONS so far.

See everyone tomorrow!



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