Welcome to Field Hockey in Richmond

RFHC's mission is to promote the wonderful game of field hockey to Canadians !
While some of our players have played at the highest level of Hockey including representing Canada and other nations at the Olympics, World Cup and other International tournaments, it is our intention to introduce this sport to people who have never touched a hockey stick as well.

RFHC Founded :  1970
Location :  Richmond, British Columbia, Canada 

Home Field : MINORU PARK
Adult Women's Teams :  There are now 2 Womens Teams playing in the Vancouver Womens Fieldhockey League!  

Playing in Divison 1 are the Richmond Herons

and in Division 4 =  the Richmond Rebels.

Junior Girl's teams :  11 
Brief History :  The Richmond Field Hockey Club has evolved from a club of adults and junior boys to one of junior girls and women's teams.

The presence of the club in the community and the work of Lance and Nancy Carey brought about the increase in the ranks of the junior girls. Currently their daughter Alisa is the president of the club. 

The number of teams is only limited by the number of qualified coaches. The club has successfully promoted girls field hockey in the local schools and there are now six schools with teams. McRoberts Secondary won the provincial girls AAA championships in 1998 and 2006, and was runner up in 2003 and 2005.

Some Field Hockey Facts...Field hockey is a stick-and-ball goal game of 11 players per team, with many of its rules patterned after soccer.

The modern form of field hockey was first played in BC. in the late Eighteen hundreds. Men and Women were playing at the turn of the century in Vancouver and Victoria, and a Vancouver league was in existence in 1902. The first women's organization in Canada was formed in Vancouver in 1927.


Updated on: Saturday December 28, 2013