Richmond Field Hockey Club

Passion for the game

Our Mission

To foster and promote life-long enjoyment in the sport of field hockey in the City of Richmond and to help our members achieve their full potential in a fun, safe, inclusive, and respectful environment.

Our Values

To be recognized as a leader in the field hockey community for the strength of our club and our passion for the game.

What You Gain.


  • Celebrate the field hockey community
  • Encourage participation from all of our members
  • Respect all players, coaches, officials and spectators
  • Provide an environment that is fun, safe, inclusive and respectful


  • Ensure the quality and sustainability of our programs
  • Be fiscally responsible


  • Encourage the power of team and cooperation throughout the club
  • Foster and promote the development of our members and the growth of our club
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, transparency and respect
  • Encourage innovation and continual improvement

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